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At Empower Volleyball our priority is the development and progress of your athlete.  Our Club is designed to empower athletes and their families with the opportunity to grow and compete at a competitive club level without the tremendous financial burden.

We seek to minimize costs and offer plans and support for families who wish to participate in fundraising to meet financial requirements.  We are indebted to our wonderful sponsors who support our 501(c)3 and aid us on our mission to elevate our athletes and those around them. 


Empower Volleyball Club began in the spring of 2017. Co-founders, Jason and Tonya Goettsche, started the club with the desire for their daughters to play club volleyball and the impracticality of the prevailing cost of other clubs at the time. The idea was to create one, maybe two teams, keep expenses down and do extensive fundraising to help pay for gym time, uniforms, tournaments, etc... What started as a small group of families quickly became enough to form three teams in the inaugural season. This year we are fortunate to have grown to more than 200 athletes participating on 18 different teams of various age groups including two Empower Warriors boys teams. We have also been able to initiate a strong developmental program, our Instructional League, that will give many more youth the opportunity to learn the game. It is an honor to work with these athletes and strive to help each one of them develop on and off the volleyball court.

Jason Goettsche

Director/Empower Volleyball Club of Eastvale

Phone: 714-264-5135

Our Wonderful Sponsors

Empower Volleyball Club of Eastvale Partners and Affiliates

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Jason  Goettsche

Jason Goettsche

Club Director

Phone: 714-264-5135